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Phat Quail Farms

Aroma, Aesthetic, & Potency

Here at Phat Quail Farms, we consider ourselves quite the cannabis connoisseurs. We know that cannabis is more than just a THC content. To us, it's like a fine whiskey or wine. The aromas, aesthetics, terpenes and potency are key to our brand and our standards of bringing a product to market. In so many words, a true connoisseur will thoroughly enjoy all aspects of our fine Oklahoma Cannabis.


Our Backstory

We are a family of farmers, landowners, real estate brokers, marketing experts, cannabis connoisseurs that have one thing in common...the goal of making Phat Quail Farms known for producing the best aesthetics and best smelling large buds you can find in a dispensary in Oklahoma.

Not only do our top shelf products sell themselves, we also brand our products with our Phat Quail Farms glass childproof jars, making it easier as a medical marijuana patient to easily pick up a sizeable amount without all of the waste of 1 gram pre-packed containers.

Quaility McPhatterson
Quaility McPhatterson
Our Mascot

Our aim is for the Phat Quail Farms brand to be synonomous with quaility medical marijuana / cannabis products. Our slogan of 'Fine Oklahoma Cannabis' is exactly our aim. Given this mission statement, we do everything we can to ensure that Phat Quail Farms' products consistency and potency is always preserved. And we always produce that Fine Oklahoma Cannabis you've come to expect from us.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Growers typically don't go to great lengths to market and brand themselves. Not out here in Okfuskee County at Phat Quail Farms! Don't let our rural location fool you, our team is all native Tulsans and consists of various industry professionals:

  • Over 40 Combined Years Experience of Growing Various Plants
  • Award Winning Tech / Internet Marketing Gurus
  • Real Estate Afficionados
  • Retail Product Packaging Experts
  • Award Winning Marketing Experts
  • Food / Product Production Line Experts

Here at Phat Quail Farms, we are dedicated to our customers. If you have any concerns or questions regarding our products, strains, etc., please get in touch with us.


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